My music

I like pop music, flamenco, house, and latin.

A song

Ojitos negros by Sergio Contreras.

TV series

A spanish show called Aqui no hay quien viva. Antonio Recio is hilarious.

About movies

The movies that really got to me were Braveheart and Gladiator.


Megan Fox (not because of her acting)

An actor:

Denzel Wasinghton.

Video Games

I cant stop playing video games, especially call of duty, I am the best at it. Also I love the FIFA challenges.

A city

La Coruña is the best place to love, if I can one day I will buy an apartment in Madrid.

Favorite food

Meatballs with fries, lentils and the Spanish omelette.

A wish that you don't mind saying

health and happiness for my people.

A gift

I am generous.

A flaw

Stubborn, I will not change my mind until I have already crashed against the wall.

A sport, and a player

football, Iniesta

What I hate most in life


My biggest addiction

Video games

The first call after a game

To my uncle Pepe, in case i already had dinner so he doesn't have to cook it for me (laughs) you know… family.

During my day off

I like to be with the family

An unforgettable goal

with the Karpaty team, a volley goal after a corner. Ver gol

El tesoro de mi vida

Mi familia.

A dream

I hope my family lives many years and enjoy time with them.

My idol

Fran, that why I wear number 10, and Mauro Silva.

A whim thanks to football

My house in La Coruña

The firs football memory

Watching Deportivo play, My dad used to take me to Razor since I was 2 or 3

The last tear

Years ago. I am strong and honestly I do not remember

An unforgettable image

The day my grandparents died, I grew up with them . That was the toughest moment of my life. I wished that would have happened when I was older because I was only 14 and when you are older you learn to value other things.

A shadow

In Ukraine against Shaktar Donets by Rakisky.

If I was not a football player

I would belong to the working class


I am superstitious, I like tu put on my left boot first.